Why Declare and Decree is Against The Gospel Part 1

What is usually meant by declaring and decreeing?

According to Charisma author Elizabeth Nixion, “Are you decreeing and declaring in your prayers?”, the word “declare from the Hebrew achvah meaning to make known or set forth an accounting. This is commonly using by customs agents who ask international travellers, do you have anything to declare”. In this example given note that the person is asking about the specifics of “what you have, what you are carrying.”  In the word, we encourage to state what we have which proclaiming the gospel and the blessings with have in Christ. This is based on what we have…the testimony of Jesus Christ according to 1 John 5:11, which states “And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son”.  It states further that decrees are a tool by which we cause the truth of the heavenly realm to be manifest into the natural realm so [that] they [can] become our daily reality”.  

In this view usually it means that Christians have the power to speak anything thing they want like wealth, health and financial means right now into their life and they go further to claim that you can only declare and decree according to the will of God. Anything bad like sickness, word curses and what to their perspective is evil shall not occur only what we want from God as a demand. Of course, with this doctrine, it means what we are little gods having the divine DNA of God and we are of the God kind…this is usually supported by most circles who go into the prosperity gospel preaching theology. It is very interesting that the magazine gives an English definition which means “a statement of truth that carries the authority of a court order”.  This must be done by a person who has sovereignty over the land or in this case over heavenly realms. The question must be asked in all of this, do we have the power to state forth and make into law as God can? Notice that the word decree in the Bible is used interchanged with the laws, or statutes or commandments of God and the commands of God is a covenant that is eternal and never failing.

Isaiah 33:22 says that “the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us”. 

Also, to note that God watches over the words that He declares, along with Ezekiel 12:28 that says whatever I say will be fulfilled. Finally, we must have a revelation of God’s will to be able to declare and decree in God’s will otherwise it will not come to past.  The last question to be asked is it God’s will for us to speak forth and make a binding law that is eternal and binding for everyone to do or must happen for every Christian in relation to blessings and promises.

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