The Journey to Trading

My Career Goal to Be A Profitable Trader

Hard Beginnings 

When I was introduced to trading I first learned about it when a friend showed me a trading platform that allowed me to trade crypto-currencies. From there, I was hook due to the potential gains that you can get from it even though I would have lost money within a year of trading with real money. I reviewed brokers like FBS that allowed me to trade just for a dollar for myself until I realise how cruel trading forex was with no prior knowledge. I did not have a system or understood how to use it at all. I talked to a friend of mine about the issue and was introduced to international markets live (IML).  

I went to a training seminar which presented the products they serve and then went into a trading educational seminar section where I learned how to use market structure and flag patterns to trade. For one month, I became profitable but I still lack understanding so I subscribed for another month when the bounce back system was developed. I learnt to trade the signals using the platform and then I was introduced to the volume indicator by Adaeze Duncan, one of the IML Educators for another one-month subscription.

Business Launch

I opened and registered a business namely Help Me Trader, with the aim to make money as a business from trading without ever using a demo account to test my trading strategy and understand what I am doing. I started March and was able to gain money only in October and December.  

My goal now is to become a profitable day trader which means having a trading system tracked on myfxbook that shows me a profitably of 35%-45% of profitability on a monthly basis with a drawdown, which is the percentage of the amount of money I would lose out in my trading account of 15%. I would first aim for three months worth of profitability overall under the account first and in total aim for a 150-200% return on investment at the end of the year. I also want to receive a certification in day trading from either Online Trading Academy or another reputable agency by the end of 2020. 

My aim is also to have an average return of 0.03% or more on every trade with a win rate of 70% and above because I am day trading so more wins would be necessary. Have at least 100-200 trades per month with a daily return of 3-5% each day. 

That what I so far in my mind, along with how I would seek to accomplish it… here is a link to the Online Trading Academy for anyone interested. What is Online Trading Academy

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