Now it’s not the time

I’ll rather look the Word and take time to be the right guy than have you wondering if “Is he even saved

I won’t be looking for you because you are too precious for me to tamper with and break

So if I stare, I will take your out of the box when it is not the time

So it is not the time for me to hope for any future 

To proclaim the year of finding my love because I honestly don’t know if I will even be alive to assume that I will eventually find you being so beautiful 

I shalt not butter you with words of promises or paint a picture of how glorious to behold for who I am? I am not The Lord, I am not worried to please or seek you because my heart is not in place within the same word I need to guide you

I will not say that I have waited and looked

To say I am searching or fighting in pray for you would be a lie

I rather inspect myself to see how far I am from what God wants me to be for you

I may pray even once in a while that I am centred in the Word and that you shaping for the glory of God for me

You see my focus is not on you because like Issac I am in a place of pray

I am a man of shattered hopes once upon a time invested into a nursery rhyme and hickory-dickery-dock I clocked out on the floor angry at myself, the Lord and anything that reminded me of what had just transpired which is still fresh on my end

So excuse me for not looking, hoping or praying for you daily because 

Now it is not the time

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