Hope In the Midst of Darkness

Wretched and warped in darkness since birth
I sit wrapped in a blanket of sin and impurity,
Caressing the thought of death
As if we were lovers since our youth
Experimenting with new possibilities
The end result is the same
Guilt, shame, pain
The law of sin and death rubs it in
Isolated and separated
The veil remained over my eyes
And the condemnation which I experienced was too much!!
But the allure was so sweet

I am shut within my house
The destroyer at my door

Bars at my window causing me to feel imprisoned
Am I a slave because my freedom is based on the rules set before me
If I disobey I die yet I obey never to see life
Until this blows over… will it blow over?
My sentence is too much to enjoy
But it never speaks louder than the truth which I know
This truth
For I…I am not without hope as long as I live for my life is no longer my own…

For I gave my life to Him long ago
Yet now I still stare at these bars which trap my soul
But still struggling to break some shackles
Remove the veil from over my eyes
Alive yet the scent of death still tingles my nose
Why am I this way
Only God alone knows
He knew
And He still chooses to be my light
He still chooses to love me despite
Every time I have ever failed to do what is right
The Holy Spirit disciplines and
Allows me to soar full flight
He truly is a good good Father
Nothing can separate me from his love


Written By Okera Hill, she is an inspiring poet, musician. I ask her to do a piece which I help with as well.

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