On the Move

Reflection causes one to think about what can they do better

How to be the consistent one to provide something more?

Within the contents of my letter,

Typed and grammatically checked for errors oh…

Oh, I can’t contend with this anymore.

I have the same blog name as the blog as what I have at WordPress

I don’t really plan my post, I must confess

I have an idea of what to do for branding but not written down.

I wonder what else can make me renown?

Maybe, just maybe just focus on posting

Sharing with my friends during the lockdown memes roasting,

Put smiles on faces and cheer in their faces

The power of words over the circumstances

The power of thinking hope beyond the despair

God holds us in these times beyond our fears.

On the move to post more inspirational quotes

From the book of Love chapter 3 well known

“So God love the world that He gave His Son…”

Because we sinned although we had a perfect life

You may think it would be wrong to be judged based on one man representing us all,

Yet our nature became wicked and our hearts are condemned by the decisions.

Move on !

Move into believing that Jesus died upon the cross so that the death which is separation from the Holy one can be killed;

Chilled ice-cold body in the coffin, death lays its head

Readout its rights and wills to never hurt you again

Win with Christ today overcome the struggles of these vices that dictate our actions to hurt 

And move onto this newness and keep moving.

Like the wind, it blows without knowing where and when

Let us be guided by His will without fear to move to faith with His glory insight at the end

Lend a hand to those who will fall on the wayside

Do good because you were loved and view others the as same as yourself.

Ride out this moment with hope

Rejoice within this moment saints, your name is within His bookshelf.

Move on…On the move.

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