Notice to the World

Sometimes, I feel like the world gon end

Staying indoors with no best friends

Lockdown with family; keeping up the faith

I pray that we push through to the end is near.

I wish that days go faster…

Like NASCAR around a track.

That I can fast forward to the good part

The day is slow and a lot to do, just hate hearing about corona news!

Beach so empty

The earth is getting better

No smuck in the area

Economy in disaster

Mother Nature laughs at the human race

Shoving Covid19 straight in our face.

In the library of book 1 chapter 1, God made heaven and earth

Yet man tries to be like him knowing good and evil.

We reap what we sow because we turned a blind eye

With a lie that we don’t need the big man in the sky.

But when the crisis comes to the name of God we call on

Better hope He is love now and not the righteous judge and executioner

In the book of the journey out of sin, the same plagues could haunt us because our minds keep turning from Him

Sickness in the world and you must pay with your life

Unless you believe in Jesus Christ

He died on the cross for the penalty for sin

Resurrection glory soon coming for the ones who believe Him.

Make your call right now and your election sure because

This time is one where you can die right now.

Make a difference, let God transform you

Greater works in the Spirit with joy to do.

Wooo, the blessings of winning this race

Watching sin gets destroyed and the devil in disgrace.

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