Why Cash Crates is A Horrible Thing to DO

Why Cash Crates is A Horrible Thing to DO

Recently, I have begun How To Reach Your Goals With Chad Browne because I wanted to help persons in gaining cash but they are extremely fake.

I would have started the Youtube video list about it How to get Cash Free on CashCrates where I showed it was legit but then eventually, I was led to this article that showed that it was a scam but I still held benefit of the doubt because I had my cashout scheduled 26 May 2020. I do go through this in one of my videos->What is Cash Crates-Is it A Scam or Legit part 2.

I contacted the support and finally got through and in all of this ….a waste of time because you do your tasks and wait 2 weeks and no help then you see on the website on the terms that you are 99yr to use it. Finally, I use vpn to see if I will get in the website to check on my status and now I get this.

Showcasing that Cashcrates Account has been Deleted
No Access

I tried clicking the forgot password link and there is this https://influencers.cashcrates.co/login/# which means that there is no way to reset your password. This is enough proof because you can look through my youtube videos to see I was able to log in and I did not change my password or forgot it.

As you can see the key symbol on google chrome so I did save the correct password after initial sign up. I talk with Ashley who claims I got to wait 2 weeks because of Covid19 so do more tasks so that my first check will be bigger.

My friend Theo Boyce account also got deleted, maybe many others as well that will not get paid….wow!

Therefore, I will release my youtube video on this as a true self-checked and not what I was told by persons but self-discovery. You will not get paid and if I did say yes I will do more tasks for I get bigger check then it means I must wait 14 more days to do another cashout which will be applied to my first payment. My new schedule date would be push back whenever I do the tasks to cash out + the wait for confirmation then another 14 days of wait.

They don’t help you and if they do, don’t try because you legally cannot use the app.

For more of my youtube channel, you can like and subscribe on it! So you don’t scroll back up the link is here->How To Reach Your Goals With Chad Browne. It is focused on How-to videos and educational tips in any area that I think I can help you reach your Goal!!!!

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