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I am a passionate person who begun writing poetry during my time in secondary school around 2010 when I placed my faith in Jesus Christ and truly lives for God’s word. I was sixteen at the time and I transitioned from being called a pervert to a poet at school. One a early morning , I was woken up by a voice who told me to write a poem, my first poet addressed the rumours that was going around at school but then I developed a love for writing poetry.

I attended the Deighton Griffith Secondary School and I was in my returning fifth year to gain more cxc(s) so I can excel at becoming a computer systems analysis (what I thought my goal in life would be). During my time at school, I wrote poems and two of my poems made it to the papers.

I am also multitalented, dedicated and faithful to the task at hand, but i can be very shy and quiet especially when I first meet a person obviously. I can’t remember when exactly but I was introduced to spoken word via Youtube when I watched Janette perform a piece via P4CM. Eventually, I was able to write in spoken word and performed in public. I also pick up a graphic designer’s course around 2018 at Mindpro Studio to learn graphic designing since the opportunity was open to me.

As for Agapetos, this stage name was given to me by God through a moment of reflection and searching for identity, I needed to accept that I was loved even though I did not feel so during my years at Secondary School so to help me God said to me that this would be my name in greek which means beloved by God. In fact it is used by Apostle John to address the church as Dear Beloved.

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